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Presbyterian Weekday Nursery School operates under the loving guidance and support of our dedicated Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors are all members of First Presbyterian Church and includes a retired school principal, retired local school educators, and our church Pastor.


Presbyterian Weekday Nursery School is part of the Christian Education Ministry Unit of the First Presbyterian Church of Valparaiso.  As a church preschool, we incorporate a daily snack prayer.  During the season of Christmas and Easter, we share the story of Christ’s birth and resurrection.  The school is under the direction of its Board of Directors, reports to the Christian Education Ministry Unit and is ultimately responsible to the Session of the First Presbyterian Church.


Karen Robison is the teacher for Camp Kindergarten this summer and will be one of the teachers for the Pre-K class this fall. She graduated from Purdue University with a BA and Master’s degree in Education with an endorsement in Early Child Development.  Mrs. Robison acquired a Literacy development certificate from Purdue University in 2003, and became a Literacy coordinator for Tri-Creek schools in addition to her role as a classroom teacher.  She taught Kindergarten for a majority of her classroom years.  Mrs. Robison has been a Literacy/Educational coach for both Hammond and Lake Ridge Schools. Additional teachers will be a part of the program by this summer.


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