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  • “Thank you so much for all you have done for for my daughter. She has had a wonderful experience. All three teachers are gentle and loving –which is what she really needed. She will miss all of you. I would not trade her experience at PWNS for anything!” – Karen K.

  • “Thank you for everything. My son has really grown in the past two years and I know it was with help from you three special ladies! I can't wait to have my younger son start in the fall.” – Amy W.

  • “Thank you for the time and love you gave my son the past two years! I will definitely recommend to friends and family, and my younger son will be coming in a year!” – Angie M.

  • “Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work. PWNS is such a great program!” – Kim B.

  • “Thank you! All you teachers are awesome! My son loves it there. I wish you did Kindergarten.” – Amber A.

  • “Thanks for all the amazing work. You are loved and talked about often at home. Can't wait until next year!” – Krystal M.

  • “Your program is wonderful! I thank God that this has been available to my girls. It has been very instrumental in starting their education off right!” – Jennifer L.

  • “You all are wonderful and PWNS has been a blessing for our family. We are grateful for everything our son has learned this year, and you have guided him on the right path towards making learning fun! It's been a wonderful experience for us and the start of a new journey. He loves his Pre-K teachers and friends, talks about them all the time, loves school, and never wants to leave. You all are a true blessing and such amazing, caring and wonderful teachers! Thank you for touching our lives!” – Danielle H.

  • “We enjoyed all the teachers and the relaxed atmosphere. This really helped the children and families alike. Great experience!” – Linda S.

  • “PWNS is great. Our daughter has grown a lot from her experience. We are so glad we chose PWNS and we know that it was a real learning and maturing experience for her. Thanks to you wonderful teachers for your time, talent and caring of our children.” – Michele H.

  • “You teachers are very special and I love how much you've done with my son. I'm so glad that he had you for his first school experience. You are terrific.” – Wendy W.

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